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    From zero to functional in 60 seconds.
    No hassle, no negotiations; just raw power.

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    Your app in the app store.
    Your logo. Your customizations.

Control your channels

Don't let your information get lost in the news feed of someone else's platform.
They come to you to engage, whether it's on an iPhone, Android or a Desktop.

  • Mobile App

    Don't settle for a mobile website. Your people deserve a feature rich native app. No corner cutting required.

  • Web App

    Sometimes your people won't use a phone. The web version is fully featured and works in all modern browsers.

  • Payments

    Implement a subscription system. Allow one-time purchases to unlock content. Remove the head-aches of recurring revenue.

Discover your way to engage

If you are at the center of a network, Social Haven was designed for you.

  • Private School

    Engage your parents
    and streamline your communication.

  • Training Community

    Connect outside of your courses.
    Members only access to content and curriculum.

  • Thought Leader

    Build a private following of like-minded people.
    Monetize your thoughts and ideas.

  • Health Coach

    Provide one-to-one and group-based consultation.
    Manage your own archive of knowledge.

  • Mining Club

    Keep your club private.
    Share results and communicate with your bitcoin buddies.

  • You Decide

    Find the way that fits you best.
    A private social platform has endless possibilities.

  • your

  • your

  • your

  • your

Socialize with your community

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Comments
  • Favorites
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Manage Events and Occasions

  • RSVP
  • Track Attendees
  • Manage Tickets/Tasks
  • Export Data
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Send Bulletins instead of E-mails

  • Organized
  • User Friendly
  • Engaging
  • Quick Polling
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Start a Conversation

  • Search by Name
  • Find Parent, Student or Staff
  • No Phone Numbers Needed
  • Multiple Recipients
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Gather Form Based Information

  • Send in Batches
  • Generate on Demand
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
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It's Been Said

We don't prompt for reviews, but we get them anyway.

  • White labeling Social Haven has set us nearly a year ahead of our competitors. The community engagement reinforces our loyalty and keeps us strong.
    Paddle Monster

  • Our school administration is glorious with Social Haven - we are never going back.
    Peace Rose Montessori

  • People are are more than just a dad or just a mom. Social Haven gives that back to us.
    Anonymous Parent

A Platform Like No Other

Go ahead, look around. You won't find another platform that compares.


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25 student minimum.
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5 member minimum.
( $1/member/month )

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Pay per member per year.
Pricing/terms negotiable.
( $2/member/month )

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